Trump’s Sales Ambassador Met With Taiwan Mayor in September

img_1610-1After a phone call with Taiwan’s leader that broke with U.S. diplomatic protocol, Trump denied that his company is exploring business prospects there.  However, the mayor of the Taiwanese city of Tauyuan said Trump’s representatives met with him in September to explore a possible hotel venture.  The Trump representative who visited the Taiwanese mayor has been identified as Charlyne Chen.  Ms. Chen denied being an employee of Trump but admitted to being a “sales ambassador” for Trump’s company.  Ms. Chen admitted the meeting occurred before the election and said talks are at a very early stage.  In addition, Anne Marie Donoghue, Trump Hotels’ Asia sales director, visited Taiwan in the fall for business.  Reporters have been unable to speak with her about the details of the trip.

So it seems Trump’s claim to not have sought any business ventures in Taiwan recently is false.  This is significant because the U.S. Constitution’s emoluments clause forbids the president from receiving payments from a foreign government.  The emoluments clause aims to prevent bribery and conflicts of interest.

This is also significant because the U.S. diplomatic position since 1979 is not to recognize Taiwan as an independent nation.

(credit to the wall street journal,


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